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Located in Shanghai, China, the Dunn Global team is your access point to international sourcing possibilities. Incorporated in early 2009, we have developed a strong list of clients in Canada, most of which are in the hardware, industrial supply, construction or oil and gas business. Our team is constantly looking for new opportunities to build business relationships throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Combining his past experiences in the construction industry with his interest in environmental consulting, founder, Jim Dunn, has developed a team of both North American’s as well as Chinese Nationals with previous experience as architects, engineers, project Managers, sourcing agents as well as environmental consultants. The Dunn Global team continues to develop new relationships and use their knowledge to seek out new suppliers and manufacturers throughout Asia; ultimately allowing the company to deliver value best pricing while still maintaining top quality products based on strict quality assurance procedures.

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  • ser_3When we began working towards opening a company in China, we wanted to ensure 3 things...

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  • ser_3Dunn Global was started in Shanghai China. It is located in the French Concession and is a great place to visit.

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“Dunn Global's Expertise and Experience has opened the Door to a WORLD of endless Opportunity.”

-John J. McCann, President
The Bolt Supply House Ltd.

“There is no disputing that China has emerged as a low-cost supplier to the construction industry. Procuring at least some material off-shore is paramount to success. Dunn Global has the network and know-how to get product to your door step for a lower cost than you are paying right now.”

-Tom Hendrickson, President
Sunsetter Capital

“Dunn Global has truly mastered the art of sourcing in China. Its about time we can buy out of China like we can buy locally.”

-Ivan Chan
Grand River Investments